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One thing i wanna do most is improve my understanding of Japanese. (And go to Japan when im like 21/22 maybe 23)

私は日本語を勉強することが(つずける)?しって 日本にいきたいです -Watashi wa nihongo o benkyou suru koto ga (tsuzukeru)? shitte nihon ni ikitai desu.

「I want to continue studying japanese and go to japan」

So im gonna starting blogging in japanese as well. To help me learn and correct mistakes as i go along.

そして、ぼくは日本語のBlogを書きたいです。「To help me learn and correct mistakes as i go along」ぼくは訳すじゃないです。 -Soshite, boku wa nihongo no blog o kakitai desu. Boku wa yakusu janai desu.

「So, I (masculine) want to try writing japanese blogs. (Sentence) I can’t translate that」

Ok now its like effort trying to write english then japanese then romaji and translation. == I think ill just do english japanese romaji with the odd translation just for my own understanding. Thats seems to be the best option.

Now im just talking to myself ¬¬ xD ah well.

それでわ、じゃまたな! :P -Soredewa, ja mata na!

「So then, See ya!」

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